• Taking Driving Lessons

    Learning how to drive is an important life skill. It can open up new opportunities for you and make your day-to-day experience much easier. But there are so many things to learn! If you’re not sure where to start, this blog post will provide some pointers on what’s worth doing before you get behind the wheel of a car.

    How many lessons does it take to drive?

    This is a good question, and there’s no right answer. If for example you were taking driving lessons in Wirral with a good instructor such as Quails, It really depends on the person, what driving experience they have, and how comfortable they are driving. Some people can sign up for two or three lessons and feel like they’re ready to drive on their own. Others may need six or eight lessons before they’re comfortable with their skills—and that’s okay!

    How much do driving lessons cost UK 2020?

    Typically, driving lessons cost around £20-30 per hour. This can vary a lot depending on where you live and what kind of instructor you have. If there’s one thing that’s for certain though, it is that learning to drive isn’t cheap! You’ll need to spend at least several hundred pounds before getting your license. Keep this in mind as you’re planning your lessons.

    How many driving lessons does it roughly take to pass?

    If you’re taking lessons with a good instructor, then they should be able to give you an idea of how many lessons it will take before you get your license. Some instructors are very strict about this—they might even ask that you book 30 hours in advance! This is because the more time you have under your belt, the better prepared for the driving test you’ll be.

    What to expect from your driving lessons?

    Driving lessons are a great opportunity to get used to the rules of the road, and become more comfortable in a car. They also provide you with an instructor who can help identify any areas for improvement. If there’s one thing that these instructors love doing it is pointing out your mistakes—so make sure you focus on every word they say!

    The importance of car safety and maintenance.

    It is important to learn all about car safety and maintenance while you are taking driving lessons. This will help you understand the rules of the road more quickly, but it will also prove useful in your day-to-day life as a driver. For example, knowing how to check oil levels can save you money on repairs later down the line.

    Tips for passing the driving test.

    As we mentioned, it can be expensive to take driving lessons. It’s certainly not cheap! So the best thing you can do is practice and prepare—in other words, get ready for your test by practicing everything you’ve learned in classes on public roads. If you’re nervous about getting behind the wheel of a car before taking your test.

    How to be a safe driver on the road?

    Driving is an incredibly demanding task, and it can be difficult to stay safe on the roads. As you’re taking driving lessons, make sure that your instructor covers all of these tips. They will help you understand what good drivers do when they encounter challenging road situations—such as bad weather or large vehicles like trucks and buses!

    Common mistakes made by new drivers and how to avoid them.

    New drivers often make a number of mistakes, and your instructor will be able to help you avoid many of these. For example: if you’re turning left at an intersection with no traffic lights or arrows, it’s important that the car on your right has time to move out into its lane in front of you. Making eye contact with that car’s driver is a good way to make sure they are aware of your intentions.

    You should also avoid driving too closely behind the car in front of you. People may think that it’s polite to follow another car very closely, but this isn’t necessary and can be dangerous if there is an unexpected obstacle or hazard ahead. You could end up rear-ending the vehicle in front if their brakes suddenly stop working, for example.


    Driving lessons are a great opportunity to learn how to drive in a safe environment. The tips that you’ll learn will help ensure that you’re always driving safely and knowing what to do when you encounter dangerous situations on the road.

    Driving is an incredibly demanding task, and it can be difficult to stay safe on the roads. Make sure that your instructor covers all of these tips so you know what good drivers do in challenging situations.

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  • Edinburgh Builders Turn To A New Script When It Comes To Windows & Doors

    A clever company offering windows and doors have counted on a new system when turning their marketing into a reliable source of leads for their company. Companies that offer useful services such as this one https://dirtbusterscleaners.co.uk/oven-cleaners-liverpool/ should be given the respect they deserve. Also “carpet cleaners Southport (see https://dirtbusterscleaners.co.uk/southport-carpet-cleaning/ )

    This particular windows company have done something remarkable. By using a blend of push/pull tactics they are now working with a national marketing firm who are making their lives easier by letting the experts get on with their job.

    Previously all work was given to a local firm of designers who like most companies who offer all services fell short of the mark when it came to delivering any meaningful return on investment.

    The new direction shows a forward thinking company and we hope that from the discussions we’ve had with them so far that we can be reporting something quite exciting in the coming weeks in terms of movement in the results when local Edinburgh people search for a local windows and doors company specifically one dealing with double glazing.

    We’ll keep you posted.

  • Playing With Schema – Worthing Electricians

    Schema markup tells the search bots a little more about your website, these Electricians in Worthing have made such a bold move to their website.

    We can see from the JSON markup they are using a WordPress plugin to help create the Local Business / Organisation markup as well as several other neat little tricks such as article, blog posts and webpage schema all designed to make the crawling the website that little bit easier.

    Does this actually help though?

    Adding additional scripts to a website generally means there is more activity required of the database pointer when read/writing to the data which on the whole is considered bad in terms of speed. When does this requirement for speed overtake other optimisations for the site though?

    Worthing Schema

    There is plenty of research to suggest that they don’t and to neglect all other optimisation in favour of this single element is a mistake and all things need to run in balance.

    Try it for yourself and see if schema helps with your website, a quick Google search around the topic will reveal a whole host of information that you may find useful but be warned! The jury is out when it comes to whether or not schema markup is a ranking factor.

    The general argument for the “NO” is that it does not contribute to a higher search ranking, however the “YES” brigade say that if you can make your SERP entry more appealing your CTR (click through rate) will increase and therefore the positive User Signals required to rank higher so quite like our previous conundrum regarding the need for speed vs all other optimisations we once again find ourselves at odds with “should we” and “shouldn’t we”.

    More Electrician Results To Examine

    We won’t draw your conclusion for you we’ll let you do that all on your own! What we will leave you with though is that if you need an Electrician in Worthing, West Sussex keep an eye on those search results to see who uses schema!

  • How Zapier Helps London IT Support Companies

    For those living in a cave for the last 8 years or so Zapier is a glue of things. It binds API codes together and allows simple people to do extraordinary things.

    IT support London

    We recently looked at creating a solution to cater for companies providing IT support London in particular because we have a vested interested in this particular project which goes beyond the scope of this article.

    Server Uptime

    We have previously used software with a hefty price tag such as GFX for server monitoring with the addons which are not cheap and yet at times unnecessary.

    Enter Zapier – the glue to bind all things together.

    Our remit was to alert several nodes including multiple SMS message should errors of a variety in nature should occur when any server went down. There are already plenty of commercial software solutions to this issue but we wanted to see if we were able to slash the price tag and DIY in house.

    Please note that WE ARE NOT DEVELOPERS. We are a mixed bag of “talent (if you like)” business solution finders which includes marketing & IT solutions and Zapier is our go to choice solution for many applications.





    This is the outline we wanted to achieve.


    We used apps from this location plus several others and we are pleased to say it works a treat.

    We are now offering this scripted solution to customers as a commercial solution.

    The key take away for this short project description is to show that with the right attitude and know how it is not necessary to invest into commercial solutions when the simplest one is usually the best. We believe a solution should be made simple but no simpler (Einstein?) but in our world definitely not any more complex or expensive than they need to be. If you haven’t used Zapier before we recommend you check it out and think of ways you can created non dev scripts to automate and improve your working processes.

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