Taking Driving Lessons

Learning how to drive is an important life skill. It can open up new opportunities for you and make your day-to-day experience much easier. But there are so many things to learn! If you’re not sure where to start, this blog post will provide some pointers on what’s worth doing before you get behind the wheel of a car.

How many lessons does it take to drive?

This is a good question, and there’s no right answer. If for example you were taking driving lessons in Wirral with a good instructor such as Quails, It really depends on the person, what driving experience they have, and how comfortable they are driving. Some people can sign up for two or three lessons and feel like they’re ready to drive on their own. Others may need six or eight lessons before they’re comfortable with their skills—and that’s okay!

How much do driving

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Edinburgh Builders Turn To A New Script When It Comes To Windows & Doors

A clever company offering windows and doors have counted on a new system when turning their marketing into a reliable source of leads for their company. Companies that offer useful services such as this one https://dirtbusterscleaners.co.uk/oven-cleaners-liverpool/ should be given the respect they deserve. Also “carpet cleaners Southport (see https://dirtbusterscleaners.co.uk/southport-carpet-cleaning/ )

This particular windows company have done something remarkable. By using a blend of push/pull tactics they are now working with a national marketing firm who are making their lives easier by letting the experts get on with their job.

Previously all work was given to a local firm of designers who like most companies who offer all services fell short of the mark when it came to delivering any meaningful return on investment.

The new direction shows a forward thinking company and we hope that from the discussions we’ve had with them so far that we can be reporting something … Read the rest

Electricians Worthing West Sussex

Playing With Schema – Worthing Electricians

Schema markup tells the search bots a little more about your website, these Electricians in Worthing have made such a bold move to their website.

We can see from the JSON markup they are using a WordPress plugin to help create the Local Business / Organisation markup as well as several other neat little tricks such as article, blog posts and webpage schema all designed to make the crawling the website that little bit easier.

Does this actually help though?

Adding additional scripts to a website generally means there is more activity required of the database pointer when read/writing to the data which on the whole is considered bad in terms of speed. When does this requirement for speed overtake other optimisations for the site though?

Worthing Schema

There is plenty of research to suggest that they don’t and to neglect all other optimisation in favour of this single element … Read the rest

How Zapier Helps London IT Support Companies

For those living in a cave for the last 8 years or so Zapier is a glue of things. It binds API codes together and allows simple people to do extraordinary things.

IT support London

We recently looked at creating a solution to cater for companies providing IT support London in particular because we have a vested interested in this particular project which goes beyond the scope of this article.

Server Uptime

We have previously used software with a hefty price tag such as GFX for server monitoring with the addons which are not cheap and yet at times unnecessary.

Enter Zapier – the glue to bind all things together.

Our remit was to alert several nodes including multiple SMS message should errors of a variety in nature should occur when any server went down. There are already plenty of commercial software solutions to this issue but we wanted to see if we … Read the rest